At Steele Hyundai we can get you APPROVED ✔️ Good, Bad or No Credit? No problem ✔️ Get Pre-Approved In 30 Seconds

At Steele Hyundai we can get you APPROVED ✔️ Good, Bad or No Credit? No problem ✔️ Get Pre-Approved In 30 Seconds

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Tire Storage in Halifax, NS

Tire Storage in Halifax, NS

When the time comes for your vehicle's tires to be swapped around for the season, make sure to consider utilizing our tire storage services to enjoy a seamless and effortless way to prepare for the upcoming driving season. At Steele Hyundai, we strive to make vehicle ownership a breeze, which is why we provide lots of automotive services all from one convenient location to accommodate the varying needs of customers. Visit us today, and let us help you streamline how you get your vehicle prepared for the season's driving needs.

Benefits To Storing Your Tires With Us

There are many benefits to storing your tires at our dealership during tire swaps, extending further than just not having to dirty up your interior. Those benefits include proper tire storage, convenient location to visit for tire swaps, saving storage space at home, and having a one-stop-shop to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season.


How should tires be stored?

Once tires are off your vehicle and are ready to be stored for the off-season, you will want to protect them from the elements. Tires should not be left in an open-air environment, even with a protective cover. Instead, you will want to keep your tire set in a cool and dry place away from the sun.

How do you store tires when not in use?

Tires that are not in use require special care while storing to avoid rubber aging. Wrap your set of tires in an air-tight bag and make sure that the tires are dry and free of any moisture. If possible, consider using a vacuum to suck any air out of the bag to create an air-tight seal. There's no need to apply any chemicals or products onto the tires before storing, but you will want to clean the tires before storage with detergent, water, and a tire brush.

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Whether you need to switch your tires or store them, our Tire Centre at Steele Hyundai will take good care of you and your vehicle. We offer numerous automotive services through our Service Centre to keep your vehicle running at its best, so contact us today to book an appointment for maintenance, repairs, or tire services.

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