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Hyundai Electric Cars for Sale in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hyundai Electric Cars - Steele Hyundai

Stay Charged With Hyundai Electric Cars!

Hyundai vehicles, new and pre-owned, offer ultimate excitement and durability to every drive. Now with the option of Hyundai's electric models, Hyundai adds an outstanding driving range flexibility and money-saving opportunities. With instant torque delivered through its all-electric powertrain, Hyundai electric cars offer superb acceleration while producing zero emissions.

KONA electric

IONIQ electric

2020 Hyundai Electric Cars, Fuel Efficient Cars

Which Hyundai models are electric?

The KONA Electric and IONIQ Electric are available at Steele Hyundai. Both models in 2020 have been redesigned to deliver more of the features you love in a conventional vehicle while helping reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

What is the difference between a hybrid and an electric vehicle?

A hybrid vehicle uses both a gasoline engine and an electric motor for momentum. An electric vehicle uses only an electric motor, no gasoline is required. The electric vehicle's high-density battery needs to be periodically charged through an external electric power source.

At Steele Hyundai, both model electric cars are available for sale in Halifax. Contact Us today and ask about government and warranty incentives offered when buying an electric Hyundai car, and Financing Options available.

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