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Hyundai Transmission Fluid Change

Hyundai Transmission Fluid Change Near Halifax

Hyundai Transmission Fluid Change Near Halifax, NS

There is no question that a Hyundai will get you some excellent gas mileage and is cost-effective. However, like other vehicles, they must be adequately maintained. Not only is changing the engine oil essential but changing the transmission fluid is also important. Steele Hyundai in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the dealership for all your vehicle needs. We have expert technicians who are highly trained and always ready to provide quick and efficient service. Visit our Service Centre when your vehicle requires service or repairs.

Why Do You Need to Change Hyundai Transmission Fluid?

You will need the transmission of your Hyundai for a variety of different reasons. First, if you have a manual transmission vehicle, you will need to change the fluid because it can pick up its share of contaminants which can shorten its lifespan. If you have an automatic transmission, you will need to change the transmission fluid because heat will degrade the fluid and could lead to a potential breakdown. Transmission replacements are costly fixes that can be avoided with the proper preventative care.

How Often Do You Need to Change Hyundai Transmission Fluid?

The experts at Steele Hyundai will recommend changing the transmission fluid in your Hyundai at least once every 50,000-100,000 km. A manual transmission requires fluid changes more often than an automatic transmission to ensure optimal performance.

Change Your Hyundai Transmission Fluid at Steele Hyundai!

Is it time for you to get the transmission fluid of your Hyundai changed? If so, it is time to contact us at our Service Centre today to keep your vehicle running smoothly. At Steele Hyundai in Halifax, our dedicated professionals care about your Hyundai as much as you do, and we want to keep it on the road for as long as possible. We use quality parts to ensure your vehicle is running as it should be. Visit our Parts Centre to learn more about our products.

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