• Lower Monthly Payments

Leasing a vehicle can help you reduce your monthly bills since they tend to cost less than the monthly payments for financing. Also, you will enjoy a seamless experience where you don't have to worry about the vehicle's depreciation.

  • Always Drive A New Vehicle

Leasing lets you enjoy the latest models with the newest features for technology and safety, providing you with an enjoyable and well-connected commute that's safe. On top of having the best offerings on the market, a new vehicle will let you benefit from excellent fuel economy and reliability to take on your weekend adventures with confidence.

  • Flexible Terms

Depending on your specific needs, leasing can help you get into a term that's an ideal fit for your lifestyle and current situation. You can also get more familiar with new models that you might not be sure about, which is especially helpful for customers who are not yet comfortable owning a fully electric model.

  • Vehicle Backed By Manufacturer's Warranty

You can drive with complete confidence, knowing that your lease is still within the manufacturer's warranty. Our factory-trained technicians from the Service Centre will ensure that your lease is always running perfectly by using parts from our Parts Centre, which provides only genuine OEM part replacements.

  • Flexible Options At Lease-End

Once you finish your lease term, you will find various options that suit your needs. You could end the lease, start a new lease, or purchase your current leased vehicle.

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