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Steele Hyundai Loyalty Program

Current Hyundai owners are eligible to receive a:

1) $750 Off Loyalty Rebate towards the Purchase or Lease of a Santa Fe or Palisade.
2) $500 off Off Loyalty Rebate towards the Purchase or Lease of all other New Hyundai models.

Eligible Customers for LOYALTY OFFER
To be eligible for the program customers must meet the specific requirements:
1. Current Hyundai 2010MY or newer owner (any model - eg. Accent, Elantra, etc.) with a valid
vehicle registration of an in-service Hyundai vehicle
Proof of eligibility is the dealer's responsibility, and must be substantiated with the following
1) Signed copy of the Loyalty Claim Form - see attached
2) Copy of purchase or lease contract showing where Loyalty Offer is applied (must be applied
after tax)
3) Copy of ownership for the new Hyundai vehicle being purchased.
4) Copy of valid vehicle registration for the customer's current Hyundai vehicle
Notes concerning vehicle registrations:

-Please photocopy front and back portion of registration, clearly showing that the registration is

still active.
- Both ownerships must show the customer's name (include plate portion if necessary).
- Addresses on both ownerships must be the same in order to qualify for the Loyalty Offer.