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Four-Wheel Alignment Services in Halifax, Nova Scotia

We offer the alignment check free of charge!

It only takes a minute

We would like to introduce a piece of technology that will help ease a lot of minds in our pot hole laden city. We are blown away by how this machine works.

Complimentary Alignment check anytime for our customers.

One more reason to choose Steele Hyundai Halifax for every thing Hyundai.

Thank you Hunter Engineering for providing us the ability to check the alignment on every one of our customers vehicles. Our unmanned alignment checker will definitely save a lot of tire wear for our customers.

If we find out you need an alignment we also have a state of the art Hunter alignment machine!

Steele Hyundai has been proudly serving residents of HRM Halifax Regional Municipality, Dartmouth, Bedford, Spryfield, Prospect, Timberlea, Tantallon, and Peninsula for many years. Our state of the art Service Centre is proud to provide you with a group of fully trained technicians, advanced equipment, and the know how to fix your vehicle right the first time.

Why you should have your Alignment and Suspension checked?

Four-Wheel Alignment Services in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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