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Engine Repair Procedure




Having an engine problem? Here's the steps the Steele Hyundai team will take to address your issue.

Step 1 - Preliminary look by our Shop foreman within 48 hours
Step 2 - If we suspect it needs an engine repair, we will complete the diagnosis within 5 business days
During this time if the vehicle has not been regularly serviced at our dealership, please round up oil change records. If your vehicle was not purchased from us and purchased used, we will also require a bill of sale.
Step 3 - We will work on the approval
Step 4 - once approved Our current timeframe for repair completion is 6 - 8 weeks
During that time we will arrange a rental vehicle, if a rental vehicle is available.
Unfortunately due to rental car shortages we have been unable to provide rental vehicles to all customers.
Please note: the Hyundai extended warranty to cover this repair is 10 years or 200K.
Also note: Hyundai Canada or Steele Hyundai will not cover repairs outside of the warranty coverage.
This may include dead batteries, flat tires, windshields, exhaust repairs, air conditioning, belts, timing chains, etc.
If you plan to have a vehicle towed to our dealership, would like an update on the status of your engine repair, or would like to have us listen to your vehicle please contact
Contact OR call direct to 902-454-1000.

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